Rental Agreement

Please read over this form, in its entirety, which explains our rental policies and procedures. The initial booking of your reservation with Outrageous Cabins/Country Pines Log Home Resort, marks your acceptance of agreeance and adherence to all of the policies and procedures that are stated in this Rental Agreement Form.

Reservation Booking Process & Policies

Confirmation Payments:
Upon booking, all reservations require a 50% payment of your total rental charges and applicable sales taxes to confirm yourstay. If the reservation is being made within two weeks, fourteen days, of the scheduled check-in date, the full amount is dueat the time of booking. When any reservation is booked, emails with the invoice, rental agreement, and directions to our rental office will be sent to the email we have on file.

Refusal to Rent:
We reserve the right to refuse to rent a cabin to anyone under the age of 25 years old or student groups, for any reason. If reservations staff accepts a reservation under these circumstances, please reference the Security Deposit section directly

Security Deposit:
A Security Deposit may be applicable, upon booking a reservation, for any party that does not have a person 25 years or older able to check-in or a big party with many persons under the age of 25 years, even if there is a person 25 or older able to check in. All Security Deposits will be charged on a valid card upon booking. The Security Deposit is a refundable deposit upon a successful, clear inspection of the cabin. The cabin must be in the same pre-rented condition, with zero damages to the property, to obtain the complete Security Deposit upon check-out. This deposit will not be refunded until our staff has been able to completely inspect the cabin once guests have checked out. If there are any damages to the cabin or misplaced items, Outrageous Cabins/Country Pines Log Home Resort is subject to partial or full deposit balance as seen fit.

Final Payment:
Final payments are due two weeks, fourteen days, before your scheduled check-in date. All final payments will automatically
be charged to the most recent card on file on each reservations individual due date. Once the payment has successfully been processed, a second copy of the invoice will be sent, by email, showing a zero balance. If paying cash upon arrival, please keep in mind, we do not keep any cash in our office for the security of our reservations staff; exact change will be needed when making final payment.

FOR ANY & ALL PAYMENTS MADE: We DO NOT accept checks of any kind; personal, business, cashiers or certified; only
cash or cards are accepted forms of payment. (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER). Sales tax is charged and collected with all payments for any services to the rental company.

Cancellation Policy:
All monies paid are 100% refundable less a $45.00 cancellation fee if cancelled fifteen days or more prior to your scheduled arrival date. If the reservation is cancelled within the two weeks, zero to fourteen days, of your scheduled check-in day, the $45.00 cancellation fee plus the first night’s rental charge, minus applicable sales taxes, will be considered the full cancellation charge. Total cancellation fees will be issued on a Gift Certificate that is to be used one calendar year from the original cancellation date, valid dates and terms will be notated on Gift Certificate.

Gift Certificates:
When a Gift Certificate is obtained there is a fine print on every Certificate that explains how it is to be used and applied. Gift Certificates are non-transferable; the name on the Certificate must also be the name that is shown on the reservation to claim the Gift Certificate. Only one Gift Certificate is to be applied per reservation. We do not accept expired Gift Certificates. Previous Gift Certificates cannot be used towards a cancellation fee for a new reservation made if that reservation is cancelled as well; in other words, if a reservation has been booked with a Gift Certificate included and the reservation is cancelled, guests will be charged another cancellation fee and issued a separate Certificate; the valid dates and value of the previous Gift Certificate will stay the same and the additional Gift Certificate will have the appropriate cancellation value and current cancellation date valid through one calendar year. Certificates cannot be used to hold a reservation, an actual payment on a card needs to be charged to confirm a reservation, however, a Gift Certificate can still be applied towards the overall reservation once the confirmation amount has been paid.

Check-in time begins at 3PM EST and continues until 10PM EST, when our office closes. While we make every effort to make sure each cabin is ready by 3PM, there could be a slight delay during PEAK SEASONS; our guests’ understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. Guests will need to come by our office to check into the cabin. Address, door code and additional cabin information will be given once the cabin is ready and our guests have officially checked in. Upon check-in, our reservations staff will ask the person whose name is under the reservation for their photo ID and have them sign our Rental Agreement Form.

Late Check-In:
If you plan to arrive later than 10PM EST, when our office closes, please give us a call after 3PM EST on the day of your scheduled check-in, so we are able to explain our late arrival check-in process and procedures.

Check-out time is at 10AM EST. A $50.00 late check-out fee is applied, after 10AM, for each additional hour guests stay in the cabin passed check-out time. In order to avoid any late check-out fees, please respect check-out time and call our office when leaving the cabin. Voicemails are acceptable if we are not available to answer your call. If you would like to extend your reservation at check-out, please contact our office to check availability. Please keep in mind, no refunds will be given for early departures, for any reason, including but not limited to weather and/or road conditions.

Upon check-out, in order to help our staff turn over the cabin for the next guest in a timely manner, we ask that you adhere to
the following check-out instructions:

  • Place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on the cleaning cycle.
  • Pile all dirty towels in bathroom shower or Jacuzzi tub.
  • Leave hot coals and/or wood, in the grill and/or fireplace. Do not place them in trash cans.
  • Set cabin thermostat to 68 on heat in the Winter OR 73 on cool all other seasons.
  • Turn off all lights and appliances.
  • Place all trash in outside trash receptacles.
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked.

Pet Policy:
Pets are only accepted in our advertised “pet friendly” cabins, accompanied with applicable pet fee. There will be a $50, plus tax, pet fee for each pet under 50 pounds and a $100, plus tax, pet fee for each pet over 50 pounds. No more than two pets allowed in any of our cabins. Due to potential maintenance calls or damages to the cabin, all pets MUST BE crated when alone in the cabin. If the cabin is found in disarray or one of our staff members are harmed during a service call, by a pet that is not confined, that liability falls on the guests and charges, seen fit by management, will be applied to rectify any and all such incidences. Also, due to the dangers of guest allergies and damages to non-pet friendly furniture, we do not allow pets in cabins that are not specified as “pet friendly”. If we find you have brought a pet, without payment of the appropriate pet fee, you will be automatically charged the appropriate pet fee per pet. Please note, cats and any exotic pets are not permitted in ANY cabin, regardless if it is pet friendly or not.

“No-Show” Policy:
A “No-Show” is an automatic forfeiture of all charges. All monies taken will be kept by the company if proper cancellation procedures are not followed, regardless of the reasoning for the “No-Show”. If we have held a cabin for you, we have pledged that cabin and those dates to you, and you will be charged for the full reservation.

Airbnb Bookings:
Airbnb processes ALL charges, except for pet fees, if applicable, for reservations that are booked through their website. Any reservation cancellations and/or refunds that are requested by our guests will need to be handled through the Airbnb Customer Service side, not through our company. Due to Airbnb processing all reservation fees, credit card numbers, email addresses, and card billing addresses are not transferred over to our booking system. At the time of booking, you will be asked to provide this information to complete your guest profile for office records. If there is a pet fee associated with the reservation, that is when the appropriate pet fee, plus tax, will be charged towards the reservation. Regardless of a pet fee needing to be charged or not, a credit card number is still required to put on file, in case of any damages to the property during your stay.

Maximum Capacities:
The maximum number of occupants are listed on each cabin description and it is important that our guests adhere to these maximums. Strict Tennessee Fire Codes prevent rental cabins from being overpopulated and if guests misrepresent the number of people in their group, the entire party will be asked to leave the cabin without a refund for the remaining days of the reservation. This offense is considered a fraud under the “Defrauding an Innkeeper” law of the State of Tennessee. The cabins are not to be used for parties or gatherings that exceed the sleeping capacity of the cabin.

Four Bedroom Cabins:
Our four bedroom cabins can be rented as a two bedroom cabin as well, only in the case of a last minute booking AND when another two bedroom is not available for the dates you have requested, upon manager consent. Due to having minimal four bedroom cabins, we reserve these cabins for guests who are utilizing the cabin in its entirety. If this cabin is rented as a two bedroom, please be assured that it will be reserved for you and your party alone, the additional two bedrooms that are not in use cannot be rented out to a different party as a separate reservation. The four bedroom cabins have the same layout as our two bedroom cabins with the difference being a lower level containing two additional bedrooms. There is a door with a keypad that separates the lower level from the rest of the cabin. If you have reserved one of these cabins as a two bedroom, and find the door unlocked, upon arrival or at any point during your visit, we ask that you do not use the additional two bedrooms and immediately lock the door to assure that no other guest in your party accesses this level that was not reserved. If we find that you have used this level without reserving the four bedroom cabin, we will charge the credit card on file the current four bedroom rate and cleaning fee, plus applicable taxes, for your entire stay.

Personal Items:

Any personal items left behind, lost or stolen are the responsibilities of the guests. Although theft is rare, please lock your cabin to protect your property while away. If any items are found in the cabin after check-out, our staff will contact guests for proper shipping information and our local shipping service will contact guest for payment information for shipping charges. Any items that have been found, but not claimed by the guest, are held for 30 days after check-out, then disposed.

Damages/Indemnity Clause:
All of our rental properties are privately owned cabins. The registered guest agrees to indemnify the owner and Outrageous Cabins of any damages to the cabin which result from the renter’s occupancy, including furnishings and household items, and/or damages found upon departure. The registered guest is the one who will be charged for any damages their group causes to the property. Neither the owner, nor Outrageous Cabins, will be responsible for accidents, injuries to guests, or for loss of money or valuables of any kind. The registered guest assumes full responsibility for any and all damages that their group causes or for any items found to be missing, belonging to the company, after their group’s visit. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed by all members of the registered guests party are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.

Any cabin that is left unsecured by the guest, resulting in cabin items or property being stolen or damaged, will be the responsibility of the registered guest. He/she will incur the cost of replacing or the repairing of any items or property that are stolen or damaged that belong to the company; we are not responsible for personal belongings being damaged or stolen. If there are damages to the property or items within the property, caused by the guests, full replacement charges will be applied to the registered guest. Any theft, vandalism, or evidence of drug use will be photographed and reported to the police; litigation may follow.

Any guest that is forced to evict the cabin, will forfeit all monies paid and zero credits will be issued. Please remember that a signed Rental Agreement is considered a legal and binding contract and therefore gives Outrageous Cabins the right to collect payment for damages and missing items.

Cleaning Services:
A cleaning fee, plus applicable taxes, is charged towards every reservation for a full cleaning at the beginning of every guests stay. This cleaning also covers the hot tub cleaning, trash removal, and other necessary routine services. We do not offer daily cleaning services during reservations; our housekeeping team will clean the cabin once our guests have officially checked out of their cabin at the end of their reservation period.

Cabin Supplies:
Each rental unit is stocked with a STARTER supply of bed linens, comforters, blankets, bath towels, hot tub towels, hand towels, wash cloths, bath soap, travel sized shampoos and conditioners, toilet tissue, paper towels, trash bags, dishwasher detergent, and clothes washer detergent. All starter supplies are appropriately prepared according to cabin size; we do not provide extras after your check-in. If any additional supplies are needed during your stay, the guest is responsible to supply these items themselves. Keep in mind, every kitchen is fully stocked with pots and pans, utensils for cooking and grilling, plates, bowls, glasses, coffee cups, forks/spoons/knives, and baking sheets/mixing bowls.

Guests are expected to provide their own charcoal for the outdoor grill, fire starters or kindling, aluminum foil and/or plastic wrap, coffee filters, salt/pepper/spices/oil/butter for cooking, any food you would like to have at the cabin during your stay, additional laundry detergent (for multiple loads), and fire wood for any cabins with natural wood burning fireplaces.

Our properties are all individually owned, but all are operated under the umbrella of Outrageous Cabins/Country Pines Log Home Resort, in which case, all cabins abide by general company standards, however, each cabin has their own decorative touch and some have completely different furniture. Suggestions are offered to owners; however, we do not require, within reason, certain amenities. Due to having various owners, certain cabin amenities and furnishings are subject to change or be replaced without notice or permission. We try our absolute best to have the latest furnishings, amenities and decorations advertised on our cabin pictures, but due to the owner’s influence, there are times when these factors can change and we cannot immediately display these modifications. We advise if any of our guests are particular with certain furnishings, amenities or decorations, please call our office with any questions for verification. We are not responsible for any guest’s dissatisfaction of particular traits of the cabin that are displayed online, that are not in the cabin currently.

Hot Tub Policy:
Our hot tubs are professionally cleaned and chemically treated after each guest. The guest who signs the Rental Agreement will have the responsibility of relaying our hot tub policy to the entire party, of all potential hot tub hazards and rules. Hot tub use is strictly at your own risk.

Persons who have high blood pressure, skin sensitivities or who are or might be pregnant are STRONGLY urged NOT to use the hot tub. If there are any doubts if it is safe for you to use the hot tub, please consult with a physician prior to using the hot tub. Keep in mind, hot tubs can cause your blood pressure to rise if you have been drinking.

Damages to Hot Tubs:
Hot tubs and their covers are inspected after each guest. It is imperative that soaps, bubble baths, bath oils, alcohol and food are kept out of and away from the hot tubs AT ALL TIMES. If there is residue from any of these items found, an additional cleaning fee, as seen fir by management, will be applied to the reservation total for a deep cleaning of the hot tub. Hot tub covers should be kept on the hot tubs whenever the tub is not in use. When removing the cover, please place it in a safe location, away from people and pets. Hot tub covers are easily damaged since they are largely constructed of a lightweight Styrofoam material to make them easier to remove, so please keep in mind, anyone sitting, standing, or walking on the tops of the covers WILL break these covers. We ask that you inspect your hot tub cover, upon arrival to the cabin, for any damages and advise our office of your findings. Any damages found on your departure, that was not reported to our staff upon your arrival, will be thoroughly inspected to assess damages and the amount to be charged for the fixing or replacing of the cover.

Mechanical Failures:
While we strive to ensure the equipment in every cabin is in good working condition, there are chances of appliances or amenities not working or breaking down completely at any point in time, without warnings or signs, even after pre-arrival inspections. Due to these unpredictable circumstances, please notify our office staff of any issues found, immediately, so we are able to send out our maintenance personnel to correct any issues. We ask our guests to allow at least 24 hours for any problems to be fixed, considering specific parts or tools might be needed and may take more time to be acquired. For any work orders that need outsourcing services, we do try our very best to send a technician out to fix any issues as soon as possible. We appreciate our guest’s patience and understanding in this matter as we would be on a third parties timeline at that point and cannot guarantee a specific timeframe for this type of assistance.

No refunds or rate adjustments will be made for mechanical failures beyond our control; this includes hot tubs, jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, appliances, public utility problems or weather causing issues such as cable, satellite, Wi-Fi, or electric outages. Unfortunately, due to situations such as these, being completely out of our control, we do ask for our guests’ patience as we try to have these issues addressed as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, we also reserve the right to make any necessary cabin moves due to certain mechanical failures.

Roads and Weather Conditions at the Cabins:
When driving mountain roads, keep in mind that they are often curvy and steep, however, where our cabins are located, guests do not need special vehicles to access the resorts at any point in time; the roads in both resorts are all paved and very well maintained. If the weather is calling for snow or ice, please be assured we have resort maintenance who will salt the roads for guests that need to exit the resort or return back to their cabin. We do always urge slow and extra cautious driving while navigating around the resort, especially during winter months and rainy days. Please understand, we do not refund for road or weather conditions.

Additional Contact Information:

Non-Emergency Police: (865) 453-5506

Call this number to request the service of Law Enforcement, Fire, or Ambulance personnel not relating to a life or death situation.

Electric Company: (865) 453-2887

Any power outages experienced out of our office hours of operation, call this number and there will be an automated recording that will ask you for your cabin address. From there, a notice will be sent to a technician and they will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Starr Crest/Country Pines Resort Amenities:
Playground/Pavilion Area: Located in the Starr Crest Resort, the playground is available year round and accompanies a pavilion area as well with additional grills and multiple park benches for large gatherings. The playground offers swings, slides, monkey bars, and other fun extras. There is also a parking area for additional parking for larger parties and guests who are bringing trailers.

Community Pool: Located in the Starr Crest Resort, near the entrance to the resort, is where the pool can be found, which is open to resort guests ONLY. A key card or gate code is not required. Hours of Operation: 10AM – 7PM Open from: Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend (Depending on weather and/or resort leniency, the pool may open a little earlier in the year or close a little later in the year; these are general Open/Close timeframes)

Additional Parking (Gravel Lot): Located in the Country Pines Log Home Resort, this gravel lot is generally used for our groundskeepers, however, we also guide our guests to this area for any additional parking needed; it is a ‘first come first serve’ lot that is welcome to anyone staying at either resort. Please note that trailers are not allowed to be parked in any cabin parking lot, at any time, so this lot is available for any guests that are bringing trailers as well.

Guest Comments:
Guest feedback and suggestions are always welcome! Feel free to give our office a call at 865-366-7012 or send us an email at at any point during your visit to provide any helpful recommendations you think would benefit our future guests or our company operation directly. We strive every day to grow all aspects of Outrageous Cabins, so all ideas are truly appreciated.